These are the 10 best yoga schools in The Hague

As a resident of The Hague or its immediate surroundings, are you looking for a bit more relaxation and peace in your daily life? Then you can achieve this by signing up with a good yoga school so that you can get more relaxation through training and yoga sessions. Of course, the question, if you are a layman in this field, is which yoga schools in The Hague come highly recommended. This blog offers a top 10 of the best yoga establishments in our Hofstad. Without a doubt, there is a yoga school among them that perfectly suits your ambitions!

1. Yoga school Bikram Yoga

One of the most popular yoga schools in The Hague is Bikram Yoga. This is an ideal yoga provider for people who like nice warm temperatures and intensive yoga exercises. The yoga classes taught here consist of repetitive exercises of 28 postures in two sessions. Two of these 28 postures involve calming breathing exercises. Bikram Yoga employs many yoga teachers, so there is always a wide range of courses on offer.

2. Yoga school Balanz

Another fine yoga school in The Hague is Balanz. It also has branches in Utrecht and Rotterdam, making it a major player in the market. Balanz offers more than 200 classes, ranging from Hot to Yin and from Barre to Pilates. You also have the option of taking yoga classes online. You can choose classes to build up your fitness and courses to completely relax and unwind.

3. Yoga school Saktiisha Yoga

Saktiisha Yoga in The Hague is the ideal place to get acquainted with Sivananda yoga classes. These focus on various ways to unwind, including meditation, ayurveda, various breathing exercises (pranayama), as well as hatha-style asanas and through mantra chanting.

4. Yoga school Bliss Soul

Yoga school Bliss Soul, run by Natasja, is a must in our top 10 yoga schools in The Hague. Here you can go for all kinds of meditation techniques and for calming yoga sessions. You’ll soon notice a reduction in stress and a greater sense of yourself. And who doesn’t want to experience that?

5. Yoga school Sharma-yoga

A jewel in The Hague’s yoga world is definitely the yoga school Sharma-yoga, located in the Zeeheldenkwartier in The Hague. The good atmosphere here is particularly striking, as are the ample materials and good yoga classes. Looking for peace and want to work on yourself? Then at Sharma-yoga you will definitely succeed!

6. Yoga school IMoves

Do you like a yoga school that is small-scale and intimate? Then consider taking a yoga session at IMoves. This yoga school in The Hague offers high quality. You can go there for high-intensity training, but also for calming yoga classes that let you come to yourself completely. Even a children’s yoga party is one of the options at IMoves!

7. Yoga school Zinyoga

Would you like to relax and unwind in super-luxurious surroundings? Then Zinyoga is a perfect choice. Here, you take yoga classes in a real villa, on the Ockenburgh estate to be precise, under the inspiring guidance of Petra Duijvestijn.

8. Yoga school Helder Yoga

If you live in Scheveningen, you will find perfect yoga relaxation at Helder Yoga. The white studio not only looks sleek and wonderfully relaxed, it is also nice and spacious. Not for nothing does this yoga establishment score a whopping five out of five stars on Google in terms of reviews. Reason enough to pay Helder Yoga a visit!

9. Yoga school Sunshine

A great place for a yoga retreat is Sunshine Yoga. Under the inspiring guidance of Jacqui Howles, you can get high-level yoga classes here both ‘on spot’ and via the internet.

10. Corazon yoga school

A pleasant yoga studio outside The Hague city centre is Yogastudio Corazon. This yoga studio is praised by experience experts for its good yoga classes and relaxed atmosphere.