Rotterdam’s best yoga schools

Some time to yourself. Sometimes you need to schedule those moments and you can do that with a yoga class. Yoga classes come in different forms, such as Ayurveda and Vinyasa. Are you looking for a yoga school in Rotterdam? We give you the 10 best yoga schools, so you can easily find the yoga class that suits you.

1.Meander Yoga

At Meander Yoga at Gordelweg 131 in Rotterdam, you don’t only take group classes. Private lessons are also among the options. You will be taught traditional Saswitha yoga and a lot of attention is paid to you as an individual. The focus in this form of hatha yoga is on breathing.

2. Shakti Prana

Do you live or work in the centre of Rotterdam? Then head to Shakti Prana at Weena 73 for a variety of yoga classes. The starting point at Shakti Prana is a healthy body. You give substance to that yourself by choosing a meditation session with yoga Nidra, a Yin class or the active Vinyasa.

3. Studio Miramira

If you don’t like large groups during yoga classes, then Studio Miramira at 94 b Saw Mill Street is for you. The small, cosy yoga studio is full of plants. You have a choice of classes, such as Hatha yoga, Yin or Ashtanga Lead/Mysore. Whether you are beginner or advanced, you are sure to feel at home at Studio Miramira.

4. The Yoga Guru

Not sure yet which yoga form suits you? If you go to the Yogajuf on Pretorialaan 33b, that’s no problem. Firstly, different types of yoga classes are offered, such as Acro yoga, Restorative yoga, Asthanga yoga and, of course, Hatha yoga. Moreover, you can get a free trial class so you can try if the particular form appeals to you.

5. Balanszv

Located at Kleiweg 16, Balansz yoga studio focuses on discovering your own strengths. These are not only mental strengths. Physical exertion is not avoided either. That is why at Balansz you take Acroyoga and Power Vinyase and HIIT. But if you want to take it a bit easier, there is also plenty of choice, such as Yin yoga.

6. Yogaground

The modern look of Yogaground at 40 Westerstraat immediately invites you to take a yoga class. Moreover, the range of classes is varied. You can come here for intensive yoga, but also for relaxing yoga. Choose from one of the eight types of yoga offered by Yogaground and get flexible with flex yoga, for example, or let your hair down with hot yoga.

7. Hot Yoga Place

The name of this yoga studio at Moltzerhof 2 & 14 speaks for itself. At Hot Yoga Place, things are hot. And that is largely thanks to the infrared heating set at 40 degrees. The rest is up to you when you take yoga classes here. You can do this in groups or take a private class.

8. SoulStudio 010

At 134 Jonker Fransstraat, SoulStudio 010 is a studio where you can take fitness training and pilates in small groups in addition to yoga classes. If you only come for yoga, there is a lovely heated room where you can relax during your yoga class. Your body and mind will completely relax. If you are looking for some exercise, there are also opportunities for that during SoulStudio 010’s yoga classes.

9. Yomabe

Want individual guidance during yoga classes? Then choose a personal yoga teacher like Yomabe. Based in Rotterdam, she is not only a yoga teacher but also a voice coach. Her focus is on personal growth, relaxation and transformation. You can take private lessons or small-group classes.

10. Bodhi Yoga

At Bodhi Yoga on Hoogstraat 29, you take yoga classes that you can combine with meditation sessions and other courses focusing on mindfulness, if you wish. The Restorative yoga taught there is designed to help you with overtiredness and physical imbalance. You can also book a trial class at Bodhi Yoga.